Posted by Alejandro Cuadra

The barbershop culture is something we’ve admired our whole lives, ever since being young and going in to get our haircut. It has always been a warm, positive environment. We saw that these barbers were basically their own bosses. They set their own schedule, they decide their price, and they wear what they want. They get to be themselves everyday. We saw this and got inspired, thus starting the Urban Barber brand in 2009 by first opening a barbershop.

Soon after, we came to a realization that there weren’t enough well qualified barbers up to our standards of being customer service oriented & consistent. There also weren’t any barber schools in the area for barbers to acquire their certificate. We thought this would be the perfect way to create professional barbers to our standards. Along with opening Urban Barber College, we also opened a beauty supply store. As we sold other major brands we got to learn what people liked and what people disliked. We essentially became “gurus” of hair and products. As a part of our conventional entrepreneur manner, we created our own products.

After two long years and a multitude of runs with different formulas and variations of ingredients, we created the prefect pomade and shave gel. The pomade made entirely of organic ingredients such as Argan Oil, Caster Oil, and Aloe Vera to help keep your hair healthy and strong. Another important ingredient is the purified water. The purified water doesn’t dry out the skin and allows the skin to stay moist. This also allows the shave gel to stay active for longer period of time. Our products are created with barber and consumer in mind.

At Urban Barber, our goal is to add to the high-end professional image of the barber industry, as well as to create a higher standard with our product and vision. With an industry that is growing so rapidly, there aren’t enough quality products provided. Urban Barber stands for two things: Great Barbers & Great Products. We believe to be successful you must be professional and consistent with all your work. Always be looking to uplift the barber industry in anyway possible. Anyone can have a great career. It’s up to you to make it happen.